How to Eat Fish

There are so many different ways you can eat fish. I didn’t realize this until I came out here and saw for myself all of the things that can be done with fish. Before, all I would do when I wanted to eat some fish is just order it at a restaurant or buy it at a store frozen. Now, I know that there is more than one way to eat it.

Though there are many different ways to cook fish, I actually sometimes like to eat the fish raw. However, I would caution you against to doing this yourself. There are many microbes that live within these fish, and you need to make sure safety is a consideration if you want to eat it raw. Of course, there are people who eat fish raw, even in your plugged in modern world. Sushi is very popular, and raw fish is often a very important component of sushi. However, you should definitely make sure that you are doing this in as safe a way as possible if you decide to eat raw fish. Typically, raw fish is safe to eat when it has been frozen first. This is because freezing it will kill off all of the microorganisms that could make you sick if you simply keep it in the refrigerator, which is a more optimal temperature for these microorganisms to grow and reproduce.

However, I do not always like to eat fish while. Sometimes I enjoy cooking it. Sometimes I like to cook it in a pot, but my favorite way of cooking fish is to cook it over an open flame with a skewer. I find that it tastes the best this way, and I also enjoy the process more when I do this. I’m still working out how to bury fish in the ground so that it can properly ferment without animals who live around here digging it up and eating it before I have a chance to get to it.