Bowhunting vs. Gun Hunting and the Joys of Fishing

There are multiple reasons why I prefer bow hunting to gun hunting. Even though I didn’t know much about this when I lived in the city, I have learned since living in the throes of nature that there is a huge difference between the two.

Bowhunting actually requires a great deal more skill and finesse than does gun hunting. Guns are powerful and can shoot at much longer ranges. Though modern and bows and arrows are able to shoot at longer ranges than the bows and arrows of hundreds of years ago, they are still quite a bit harder to use than guns. You need to be able to exercise more skill when it comes to aiming and shooting with a bow and arrow than with a gun. This makes it so that when you do shoot your pray, it is much more of an accomplishment than it would have been if you had used a gun to do it. In addition, bows and arrows are much quieter than guns. A big part of why I came out to the woods in the first place is because I wanted peace and quiet. Guns are incredibly loud, which is not something I need to tell you because you probably already know. A bow and arrow will shoot your prey without disrupting everything else in the surrounding nature and creating unwanted loud noise.

I have also come to see just how wonderful fishing is. Since I love peace and quiet so much, it makes sense that I would love sitting in a boat and waiting for a fish to take the bait. It really allows you to get in touch with yourself and with nature, not to mention everything you learn about the art of fishing itself while you are out there.

Overall, I have found this whole experience to be a very humbling one when it comes to what I have learned about hunting and fishing. One thing that I have learned is how very wasteful we are as humans when it comes to using the gains from the hunt. So much of the meat and everything else that comes with it is just thrown away and not used for anything. I have learned to use everything that the animal has to offer  when I go hunting or fishing. I figure, this animal gave its life for this endeavor, so the least we can do is honor the animal by using every bit of it.