About the Author

Jakob Davisson is a hunting and fishing enthusiast who lives on his own in a cabin in the woods. He has not always lived this way, and once actually lived relatively conventional and normal life. In fact, he used to go online quite often. He used to play multiple online games on gambling sites. One of these times, he ended up winning the mega fortune jackpot at the casinoeuro online casino, which allowed him to do what he really wanted to do with his life. Since he no longer had to stay plugged into the modern world and now had the luxury to do whatever he wanted with the rest of his life, he decided to abandon it all and go into the woods. Ever since his windfall, he has had the luxury of being able to live off of the grid, disconnected from everything else that the rest of the world so heavily relies on, such as Internet, constant phone service, et cetera. While he sometimes misses it, he is happy in his new life and would not trade it for anything.

When Jakob went into the woods, he decided to build a cabin, where he has been living for several years since. He is now all too familiar with the simple pleasures of life, as well as the most simple lifestyle he could possibly make for himself. In order to survive on a day-to-day basis, he has to hunt and fish for his food. However, this is not just something that he does for survival but something that he does because he enjoys it as well. He wants to share his love of hunting and fishing, and everything he has come to know about these pastimes, with everyone who shares these passions. For this reason, he has finally hooked himself back up to the internet, so that he would be able to write about his life in the woods and all of his experiences with the simple life. He knows that there are many people who would be interested in reading what he has to say, and with these individuals he wants to share all of his insights and thoughts.

If you have ever considered leaving it all behind and going to live in the woods where you could end up roughing it on a daily basis, you might be interested in what Jakob has to say. Welcome to It’s Simple, where you can have a taste of the simple life without having to leave your computer behind for now.