About me

The time has come for me to introduce myself. I am Tom Burns, a 26-year-old handyman that lives in Liverpool, U.K., with his girlfriend and dog. Besides playing slots and hanging out with friends, these two are my greatest hobby. My girlfriend Nataly is a waitress and a model in her spare time. I’m sure that she’ll be able to make it big one day soon. My dog is the cutest little Bulldog called Bulldozer and I love going on long walks through the park with him. Just like playing slot machines, this helps me clear my head. I work as a freelancer so I can basically decide my own hours of work, which is a great luxury and allows for me to have a comfortable life.

Why this blog?

I’m sure that by now you are wondering why I started this blog. The main reason is that when I started playing, there wasn’t much information to be found on the internet about casinos. I felt like I had to figure everything out myself. Which is not great. I started thinking; why should everyone who wants to play slots online have to reinvent the wheel? It’s that simple. Because that’s when I decided to start a blog and help people like me who are also interested but not really familiar with the topic yet. For this reason, I also want to leave a few notes. Call them pieces of advice, if you will.

Check the wagering requirements

Many people who start playing in a casino don’t realize that bonuses come with wagering requirements. So all the winnings that you get from a bonus need to be wagered an x amount of times before you can actually withdraw the money. However, and that’s the trick, not all games count towards the wagering requirements. So it’s worth reading the bonus terms and conditions to see which games count and which don’t. Usually all slot machines count for 100%, but there might be a provider unwilling to participate, so keep an eye on that. Live casino games, for example, usually don’t count at all towards the wagering requirements.

Play for fun only

And by that I don’t mean that you should stick to playing in the demo mode of piggy riches, although it might be a good idea to start there to see if you actually like the online casino lifestyle. What I actually mean is that playing should always be fun. If you stop having fun, you should never continue to play. At this point it’s better to take a break from the casino altogether. Once you feel better, you can try again, but even then you should always have fun or just not play. And if you feel like your personal or work life is being threatened by your playing, this is a clear sign that you should stop immediately. Your casino can help you figure out the next steps to prevent your playing from spiraling out of control. A friend of mine was once in a situation like this and the casino helped him through it without causing too much damage. Soon he was able to pick his life up again and now he’s an occasional player, who is still being watched by the casino. Intervening in time is the only remedy in my opinion.

Try a few different casinos

Before you start playing for real money, it’s nice to try out a few casinos and games like the mega fortune jackpot. There are so many of them now, which gives you many options. So you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the casino that makes you feel comfortable. I can give you an endless speech about my experiences, but that will only take you that far. You need to experience it yourself to understand what is important to you when it comes to casinos. Do you want bonus or a great amount of games? It’s up to you and all about what makes you happy.