If you are interested in hunting, you might be interested in reading what Jakob has to say. Welcome to It’s Simple, a blog that is all about hunting and fishing in the most natural way possible. If you enjoy hunting and fishing for sport, this is the site for you. Jakob Davisson likes living the simple life, away from all of the distractions and technology of the modern world. For him, hunting and fishing are not only enjoyable pastimes but also how he puts food on the table.

Jakob wants to share everything that he has to say and has come to know about hunting and fishing. Primarily, he is interested in bow hunting, rather than gun hunting. This is how people used to hunt back in the day, and Jakob sees it as a better and more enjoyable way to shoot down your prey. He is passionate about the joys of hunting with a bow and arrow and wants to share all of his ideas and thoughts with those who share his passion, as well as those who may not be as familiar with bowhunting and may be more inclined to use guns to shoot their prey.

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